What we do

Quadriga Consulting has been trading for over 15 years. We focus on two areas: strategic marketing and financial consulting.

Jeffrey Peel conducts senior interim international assignments for commercial and government clients, with a strong focus on strategy and thought leadership.

Liz Peel FCMA conducts interim senior financial assignments for technology, manufacturing and public sector clients.

Financial Consulting

Liz Peel FCMA undertakes interim and consulting assignments for client companies and public sector bodies focusing on the following:

  • Financial operations
  • Financial strategy
  • Fund raising
  • Interim CFO
  • Financial operations
  • Financial systems
  • Project management

Overview Video

Our marketing practice overview.

The video provides a good overview of what we do and how we do it.


Quadriga Consulting specialises in marketing research, marketing strategy and marketing communications.

We tend to operate in the following key client sectors:

  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Mobile Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Government and Democracy

Typically we work with our clients to better understand their target markets, channels or customer communities. Then we construct content and communications programs to improve market positioning, create new business relationships or expand into new markets.

We operate in international markets and our client list includes early, mid-stage and large clients.


All Change

Liz Peel has returned to Quadriga – after starting an interim financial management role at Survitec and staying over 6 years!  In her last role at Survitec Liz was Group Finance Director FP&A/M&A.  Liz will be undertaking new interim and/or consulting roles from January 2018. Meanwhile Jeff Peel, Liz’s Co-Director, has taken-up a secondment with …

Tribes and Love

There’s a great myth that needs bursting. It’s the one that marketers – and the people they market to – are from different tribes. Let’s face it, everyone is marketing something. And everyone buys. It’s a bit like cyclists and motorists. Or cooks and diners. The roles aren’t mutually exclusive. So, let’s burst the myth. …