What we do

We help our clients to build their presence among markets, influencers and communities – by creating compelling, research based thought leadership content.

For example, we were asked by a major UK IT services company to write two white paper reports focused on mutualisation of government services and digital by default.

Based on primary research and market analysis we authored two reports for the client. Following the publication of the reports we also chaired a discussion at Civil Service Live and gave a presentation of the reports’ key conclusions at a major industry event.

These activities helped establish our client as thought leaders in the public sector – influencing the debate and helping to define the agenda.

But we don’t just write reports. We also create events (workshops, conferences, debates) to enhance wider thought leadership programs. We create web and social media assets and we create video content featuring subject matter experts.

We create compelling content around a myriad of technology topics: digital government, public policy, cross-platform development, CRM, mobility, smart cities.  Our content is based on subject matter understanding, research expertise and superb editorial skills.

Public Policy

We specialise in working with clients to produce well-researched, thought-provoking public policy content. Whether you want to start a debate, engage customers, influence decision-makers or explore an issue impacting your company, Quadriga Consulting has the research experience and presentation skills to make your project effective.

Quadriga Consulting’s team contains experienced, knowledgeable researchers, with a track record in politics and public affairs.  We’ll conduct primary and secondary research, designing surveys and polls to uncover new information, as well as finding and understanding the most relevant existing information.   

We write engaging, carefully evidenced policy papers, which add weight and influence to your ideas or clarify thinking about major themes affecting your organisation.  Our team has mastered the detail around big issues to produce clear, concise, highly readable documents for leading think tanks, corporations and political campaigns. Continue reading “Public Policy”

Overview Video

Quadriga Consulting specialises in researched editorial: helping clients build communities of interest based on research and issue-focused content.

The video provides a good overview of what we do and how we do it.


Quadriga Consulting specialises in marketing research, marketing strategy and marketing communications.

We tend to operate in the following key client sectors:

  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Mobile Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Government and Democracy

Typically we work with our clients to better understand their target markets, channels or customer communities. Then we construct content and communications programs to improve market positioning, create new business relationships or expand into new markets.

We operate in international markets and our client list includes early, mid-stage and large clients.


Tribes and Love

There’s a great myth that needs bursting. It’s the one that marketers – and the people they market to – are from different tribes. Let’s face it, everyone is marketing something. And everyone buys. It’s a bit like cyclists and motorists. Or cooks and diners. The roles aren’t mutually exclusive. So, let’s burst the myth. …

New Blockchain Masterclass Announced

Quadriga Consulting is organising a new day-long masterclass focusing on the use and applicability of blockchain technology in financial services. Featuring a number of heavyweight blockchain specialists, including Seamus Cushley, Director, EMEA Blockchain, FinTech at PwC; and Laurence Kirk, Founder of Extropy.io, the event focuses on how blockchain addresses the issue of trust in financial …