What we do

Quadriga Consulting has been trading for over 16 years. We focus on two areas: strategic marketing and digital transformation.

Our clients have included start-up, scale-up and enterprise clients. We have helped our clients get to market, build more effective brands and establish thought leadership. We also advise on effective use of cloud-based technology to support marketing and CRM processes: focusing particularly on collaborative, cloud-based technology, social media and content marketing tools (we especially love G Suite and WordPress).

We also organise business-focused events with a technology twist. Recent events have included a major blockchain masterclass in London, a live-streamed Brexit debate, and a workshop focusing on digital transformation of government.

Digital Transformation

The emergence of cloud based technology presents opportunities for businesses to work more effectively, collaborate better and to have significantly more secure business operations – complying with recent legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We work with early stage companies, growth companies and enterprises. In particular we focus on the main operational tools used by business, advise on migration strategies from on-premise architectures, and work with your internal teams to implement new cloud based processes.

Transformational Marketing and CRM

We’re digital marketing specialists

We believe that effective marketing and CRM processes start with your operational processes. We have particular expertise applying joined-up thinking to ensure that your marketing doesn’t become separated and remote from your core business processes.

We typically advise companies on how to better collaborate internally so that they can better service prospects and customers. We can help with front office and back office strategies for success.


Quadriga Consulting specialises in digital marketing, marketing strategy and collaborative business processes.

Typically we work with our clients to better understand their target markets, channels or customer communities. Then we construct business processes, content and communications programs to improve market positioning, create new business relationships or expand into new markets.

We operate in international markets and our client list includes early, mid-stage and large clients.


Conscious Conversations: London ‘Taster’ Event

Our friends at Conscious Conversations are holding a ‘taster’ event – allowing people to get an idea of how better conversations can work to actively improve business performance. Further details about Conscious Conversations here.   What do you actually do in a Conscious Conversations session? How can you help people learn how to have better conversations? …

Tribes and Love

There’s a great myth that needs bursting. It’s the one that marketers – and the people they market to – are from different tribes. Let’s face it, everyone is marketing something. And everyone buys. It’s a bit like cyclists and motorists. Or cooks and diners. The roles aren’t mutually exclusive. So, let’s burst the myth. …