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Small and Medium Business Survey

The United Kingdom general election will be held on 7 May 2015. We’d like to know what the politicians should be doing to help small and medium sized businesses across the UK. SMEs form the back-bone of the UK economy. According to the Federation of Small Business small firms account for 99.3 per cent of all private sector businesses in the UK. Small and medium sized businesses employ about 15.2 million people in the UK and have a combined turnover of around £1.6 trillion.

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Growth Hacking What?

I think it was Professor Richard Dawkins who first coined the term “meme” – meaning an idea that spreads from person to person. “Meme” now has a social media meaning. My 15 year old son recently picked an argument with me because he thought I was using the term inappropriately. For him a meme is a viral video or image that is shared like wildfire across Twitter and Facebook.

But sometimes the two definitions – an idea whose time has come, and the social media version – coalesce. Enter “growth hacking”.

Many of us who now work in marketing (and market research) have re-evaluated our tool-kits over the years.  Or rather we now leave quite a few tools in the tool-shed.  Those tools look a bit rusty.

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Smart and Sustainable: Future Cities

Jeff Peel, MD of Quadriga Consulting, was recently interviewed by Bruce Rogers of Forbes about Future Cities.

Here’s an excerpt…

Bruce: Jeff, do you get the impression that everyone is jumping on the ‘smart cities’ idea? 

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Content Marketing

Quadriga Consulting specialises in creating marketing strategies and thought leadership content for corporate clients.

We tend to operate in the following key client sectors:

  • Business services and solutions
  • Enterprise software
  • Mobile
  • New Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Government and Democracy

By ‘content’ we mean web content and social media assets, video, white paper reports and conferences.

We often use a combination of videos, events, social media content, conversations with market influencers and analysts, and other types of content. This amalgam of content market approaches is ideally suited to technology or solutions focused clients.

Typically we work with our clients to better understand their target markets, channels or developer communities. Then we construct content and communications programs to improve market positioning, create new business relationships or expand into new markets.

We also run a series of multi-client programs focused on emerging technologies and developer communities.

We operate in international markets and our client list includes early, mid-stage and large clients.