50 Marketing Thought Leaders

By Jeffrey Peel

Brand Quarterly is a fabulous online magazine that showcases the latest thinking on marketing and social media.  The Magazine’s ’50 Marketing Thought Leaders over 50′ list attempts to redress the perception that only young people know how to market in a digital age.

According to Fiona Vesey, Brand Quarterly’s Editor, “Each of the Marketing Thought Leaders highlighted on this year’s list have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with fellow marketers; and have gained the respect of their peers through their words, actions and achievements, in print, online and in person.  They are proof that age has little to do with ability; that you’re never too young OR too old, when you’ve got talent.”

It’s for this reason I’m especially pleased to be included in the 2014 list. Although I’m not especially pleased that I’m now over 50.

Read more here.

Case Study: MyFinancepartner

In late 2014 we were engaged by PwC in London to help build web and social media content for two of PwC’s ‘new businesses’ – My Financepartner (MFp) and r2i. New Businesses is PwC’s internal incubator for emerging fast growth business units within the firm.

My Financepartner is a new accounting service aimed at SMEs. The service includes cloud based tech (both accounts software and a management information toolset) but also the type of advisory support that SMEs need as they approach key events in their business development journey. So there’s a network of business advisers (Financepartners) as well as a contact center to help at critical points e.g. at month-end close.

r2i (Research to Insight) is a research business that is focusing on building new research tools aimed at – in particular – regulated industries such as banking and utilities.  r2i also undertakes PwC’s annual CEO survey and has strong focuses on customer insight and thought leadership work.

The challenges associated with both businesses are very different – as well as ‘internal’ and external audiences. However, we were successful in building awareness of both businesses within the firm and we leveraged a host of digital channels to build external market awareness across a series of channels.

Please contact us to find out more about how we could help you with your content marketing.

See you in Barca. MWC2015, March 2-5, 2015

We’ll be attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from March 2, 2015. Read our media release.

The Mobile World Congress is one of the mobile industry’s most important events and attracts speakers and delegates from across the globe:

Mobile is transforming communication, advancing the next payment system that alters commerce, and expanding ways in which we interact. Similarly the world’s premier industry continues to expand. Once again taking place at Fira Gran Via – the world-class venue in the heart of the Mobile World Capital. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to witness the industry’s continued expansion and growth. – GSMA


Case Study: Panel Discussion

Client Project – Brite:Bill

Jeffrey Peel of Quadriga Consulting chairs a discussion between Alan Coleman of Brite:Bill, Stephen Ruschitzko of UPC and David Brown, also of Brite:Bill.

The discussion focuses on the role that bill presentation plays in improving customer understanding and engagement.

It was recorded in May 2014 at the Hoxton Hotel in London at the end of Brite:Bill’s Billing Presentation Workshop.

Quadriga Consulting was appointed to run an extended content development programme for Brite:Bill incorporating research, blog content, event management and video.


Growth Hacking What?

I think it was Professor Richard Dawkins who first coined the term “meme” – meaning an idea that spreads from person to person. “Meme” now has a social media meaning. My 15 year old son recently picked an argument with me because he thought I was using the term inappropriately. For him a meme is a viral video or image that is shared like wildfire across Twitter and Facebook.

But sometimes the two definitions – an idea whose time has come, and the social media version – coalesce. Enter “growth hacking”.

Many of us who now work in marketing (and market research) have re-evaluated our tool-kits over the years.  Or rather we now leave quite a few tools in the tool-shed.  Those tools look a bit rusty. Continue reading “Growth Hacking What?”

Sensum Launches New Research Suite (Client News)

SupernovaQuadriga Consulting client company Sensum has launched a new suite of marketing research solutions called Supernova – designed to measure media experience, customer experience and user experience.

Wrapped around the company’s cloud based infrastructure, Supernova incorporates assessment tools for both ‘System 1’ and ‘System 2’ response.

Further information about Supernova is available here.

Smart and Sustainable: Future Cities

Jeff Peel, MD of Quadriga Consulting, was recently interviewed by Bruce Rogers of Forbes about Future Cities.

Here’s an excerpt…

Bruce: Jeff, do you get the impression that everyone is jumping on the ‘smart cities’ idea? 

It certainly seems to be flavor of the month.  Part of the reason seems to be that many technology companies have been focusing on the idea of smart cities.  It has become a very convenient way to sell big ticket solutions to city and regional authorities.  But I think the message is getting through that smart city initiatives need to be about more than creating a few apps or creating some type of city information portal or congestion charging system.  Smart cities aren’t just about technology.  In fact the smartest cities are the ones that are beginning to focus on how they sustain themselves for the future.  That will take much more than simply a web site and a few apps.  It’s about considering how cities will cope in terms of being attractive places in which to live – and in a way that’s affordable for city authorities.  The process of thinking about these things in concert has to start sooner rather than later.

Billing and CRM: A Tech City Workshop – May 8

On May 8, 2014 Brite:Bill will be holding a special billing relationship workshop, specially designed for service providers that want to know more about billing and customer engagement. Jeff Peel of Quadriga Consulting will be presenting at the event the findings from a recent global survey of communications service providers.

The Billing Relationship workshop will be held right in the heart of London’s thriving Tech City area – in the fabulous Hoxton Hotel on Great Eastern Street.  The hotel has become centre-piece of the astonishing renaissance of this part of East London – now home to dozens of technology start-ups and tech gorillas.

Brite:Bill can only accommodate around 20-30 guests on the day but they promise a series of stimulating discussions and presentations.

Attendance is by invitation on but if you’d like to attend you can pre-register here.

Kevin Franklin at Qt Developer Days

Kevin Franklin, Associate Director of Quadriga Consulting, presented the findings from our first Qt Developer survey – part of the QtInsights programme – at Qt Developer Days in Berlin in November.  The presentation was recently posted online.

Our developer survey of Qt Developers was one of the most comprehensive ever undertaken.  It provides a deep insight into the focuses and expertise of a huge developer community.  In the presentation, Kevin presents an overview of the research findings. A white paper is also available via QtInsights.com