Public Policy

We specialise in working with clients to produce well-researched, thought-provoking public policy content.  

Whether you want to start a debate, engage customers, influence decision-makers or explore an issue impacting your company, Quadriga Consulting has the research experience and presentational skills to make your project effective.

Public policy research

Quadriga Consulting’s team contains experienced, knowledgeable researchers, with a track record in politics and public affairs.  We’ll conduct primary and secondary research, designing surveys and polls to uncover new information, as well as finding and understanding the most relevant existing information.   

Public policy content

White Papers

We write engaging, carefully evidenced policy papers, which add weight and influence to your ideas or clarify thinking about major themes affecting your organisation.  Our team has mastered the detail around big issues to produce clear, concise, highly readable documents for leading think tanks, corporations and political campaigns.

For example, for Equiniti Group, we produced a white paper on government service delivery, discussing the potential for mutualisation to become a new model for investing in government services. We’ve written other papers for clients such as Microsoft, Verint, Digia and many others.  

Our senior associate with responsibility for public affairs focused content development, Owen Polley, was the lead writer of “Secure, Peaceful and Prosperous”, a research document commissioned by Leave.EU and Global Britain, which examined Northern Ireland’s possible future outside the EU.  Owen was also one of the lead writers of “Democratic, Prosperous and Free”, the document which examined Scotland’s potential position after Brexit.


We help communicate complex public policy messages through concise, punchy, well-researched blog-posts.  Our team includes experienced web editors and acclaimed writers and bloggers.  We build and manage quality web assets, as well as producing compelling, persuasive content.  

Social media

We understand social media.  We design campaigns to deliver public policy messages effectively and engage with a wider audience on issues that matter to you.  We ‘socialise’ events, debates, research papers and other content, to ensure that the public becomes involved in your conversation and it is heard by decision makers and opinion formers.

For example, the social media campaign around our successful, livestreamed Brexit debate (see commanded attention across Britain and beyond.  Its hash-tag, #EUYourChoice, trended UK-wide, making our event one of the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Our CItizen 2020 programme, which focuses on involving citizens with digital government, shows how social media can complement web assets and live events, to encourage an exciting, engaging conversation around important contemporary issues.  

Surveys and polls

We offer a range of surveying and polling services, to conduct primary research into public policy questions.  Our team has the tools and experience to gather and interpret relevant data which can illuminate issues you care about.

In the wake of the Brexit vote, Quadriga Consulting conducted a major survey of business owners and managers, on behalf of Business for Britain.  Over 200 UK companies responded, spanning a wide range of critical sectors, like manufacturing, financial services, minerals and agri-food, providing a comprehensive overview of the attitude of business to the aftermath of the EU referendum.  

We can provide new information and deep research to make your public policy conversation fresh, compelling and relevant.

Debates, broadcasts and events

Live discussions, workshops and broadcasts are great ways to bring policy issues to life.  We have a track record of staging successful, innovative events, creating a buzz around important public policy issues, and using technology to reach the widest possible audience.  We’ve organised events in the UK, Ireland, the US and beyond.

During the Brexit campaign, our team played a leading role in driving informed conversation about the referendum.  We organised a major debate, featuring political heavyweight contributors, aimed at a business audience.  

The event, sponsored by Equiniti Group, Danske Bank, the Federation of Small Businesses and Ipsos-Mori, was livecast across the world on a broadcast quality feed, attracting 2,000 live viewers, with many more ‘catching up’ later on-demand.  Our hashtag #EUYourChoice trended on Twitter across the UK.

Our Citizen 2020 programme involves workshops focused on digital government, citizen engagement and smart cities in venues across the UK and the United States.  Citizen 2020 shows how live events, web assets and social media can be fused to deliver conversation-changing public policy content.

Media preparation and media training

Preparation is key to putting across your message successfully through the press and broadcast media.   We are professional communicators, specialising in the public policy arena, and we can prepare your team to say the right things in the right way, in public and in the media.

We provide comprehensive, easy to digest briefing notes, to ensure that you stay on top of the detail of any public policy issue.  We also provide quality media training, to ensure that your message is communicated effectively.

Our team commentates across all forms of media and they have many years of experience working in public affairs and for political parties, ensuring that spokespeople are well prepared and well briefed.

Turnkey campaigning

At Quadriga Consulting, we use our extensive networks in Westminster, Washington DC and across Europe to promote your public policy campaign.  We’ve partnered some of the biggest names in media, like Independent News and Media, and Forbes, to ensure that debate around the issues that matter is heard loud and clear.

We can call upon a network of lobbyists to make sure you get access to decision-makers at the highest levels.