Qt Insights

QtInsightsQt Insights was created with a mission to build a full and thorough picture of the Qt developer ecosystem through evidence, conversation and understanding.

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In the summer of 2013, we conducted what we believe was the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the Qt Developer ecosystem. It included a survey of almost 2,000 Qt developers from 93 countries, telephone interviews and face-to-face discussion groups in Silicon Valley and central Europe.

The 2013 Global Qt Insights Report is available to download here via a Creative Commons License. Whether you are a hands-on developer or not, newbie or old-hand it will give a you great context & background and help you better understand the dynamics of the Qt developer community.

The Qt Insights study and report was supported by Digia, ICS, KDAB, BlackBerry, basysKom, Pelagicore, VCL and KDE e.V. Once again, we would like to thank these sponsors, as well as the thousands of Qt developers who took the time to share their thoughts.

Kevin Franklin also presented at Qt Developer Days last year in Berlin.  Download his deck here.

We aim to conduct an updated study in 2014/15. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of it, or would like a more in-depth analysis to our previous results.