The Qt Insights Report

Download 2013 Report
Download 2013 Report

The 2013 Global Qt Insights Report is available to download here under a Creative Commons License.

The report is based substantively on the results of a questionnaire completed by almost 2000 people – developers, development managers, academics and hobbyists – from 93 countries. The survey questionnaire was quite detailed and took approximately 17 minutes to complete so that means we have data based on 527 hours (14 working weeks) of effort on the part of a global panel of respondents.

In addition, we conducted discussion groups with thought-leaders and representatives of the distinct developer segments. Their discussions were centred around the findings of the survey, and their conclusions and thoughts are also recognised in the report.

The report identifies the presence of four distinct developer segments within the Qt Community – Seriously Embedded, Mobile Inclined, Committed Multiscreen and Exclusively Desktop. An understanding of the nature of each of these segments, and how they will evolve, provides a fascinating context of the Qt developer ecosystem.

We intend, in upcoming research, to track the development of the Qt developer ecosystem and the segments we identified.