Big Tech…Big Pharma…Big Government?  Nope. The future is about the sovereign individual. 

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The Individual

Quadriga Consulting was founded over 20 years ago by Jeffrey Peel – a former Chief Marketing Officer and Comms Head who cut his teeth in data communications, then enterprise software. Jeff has worked with some of the people and companies that have defined the modern IT industry. But now he’s a champion for solutions that champion freedom and the primacy of the individual. 

Jeff has appeared widely on the media (mostly alternative media these days) and speaks widely on the emergence of the ‘sovereign individual’.  He’s also a very experienced B2B researcher, strategist and ‘agent provocateur’. 

Jeff is the author of a book on Customer Relationship Management (Elsevier) and has been a contributor to dozens of blogs, periodicals and news features on business and economics. 

Jeff’s latest initiative is Bitcoin Belfast – a new international community and event focused on bitcoin as incorruptible money.

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We engage critical thinking

It’s not good enough to assume that technology, as it has been defined, is a force for good. Corporatist thinking undermines human rights. Central banks, centralised governments and self-appointed elites stifle creativity, innovation and economic growth. We work with companies that are disrupting old models. That’s why we work with companies and entrepreneurs that are creating – for example – decentralised finance businesses, peer-to-peer networks and new bitcoin-enabled payment platforms. 


We help build collaborative networks and engaged communities by harnessing the power of the uncensored social web.


We have an excellent network of associates and content creators that help us run campaigns and events.


We're highly experienced in research, competitive analysis and brainstorming techniques to help define go-to-market strategies


We're a digital native consultancy and make extensive use of digital tools - and have vast experience in emerging decentralised tech trends and dynamics.


The New Era