Over 20 Years of Tech Marketing

Jeffrey Peel – trading as Quadriga Consulting – is a tech marketing veteran who has worked for some of the founding Tech titans of the modern IT industry. However, the corporatism that has invaded ‘big tech’ has resulted in excessive centralisation of technology, invasion of personal freedoms and a domination of advertising dependent tech firms. A new wave of decentralised and peer-to-peer tech will emerge – and tech companies that espouse the sovereign individual.  Jeff is now working increasingly with this new and emerging community.  

what makes us different

Our Focuses and Toolset


We develop content for clients that is ethically grounded – and help give a new breed of entrepreneurs a voice in a world dominated by rote thinking. 


We help develop communities of interest around emerging technology concepts or privacy-focused initiatives. 

Censorship Free

We make extensive use of platforms that commit to freedom of speech – helping to amplify the voices of people with interesting contributions to make.


We tend to work with extraordinarily creative clients and can draw upon an extensive network of contacts and collaborators to deliver stimulating events, thought provoking videos or compelling podcasts.

Citizen Focused

In a world increasingly dominated by Big Government and Big Corporate we focus increasingly on helping citizens getting their voices heard outside the constraints of the mainstream media.


We often build our clients’ content resources as a means of encouraging collaboration between like-minded groups or companies. We like to work with companies supporting the sovereign individual.