Cambridge University Engineering Society Venture Competition

By Jeff Peel – I’m very honoured to have been asked to be a judge and speaker at the upcoming Cambridge University Venture Competion, organised by CUES – the University’s Engineering Society. Venture teams have been beavering away over several weeks and will present their ideas on October 13 in Cambridge.

Other speakers include:

  • Alex Kendall (CTO at Wayve)
  • John Hasar (Smart Energy Innovation Manager at BEIS)
  • Oliver Armitage (Founder & CSO at Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems)
  • Julie Alexander (Director, Urban Development & Smart Cities at Siemens)
  • Noemi de Hevia Mendez (Telecom Lead at DGCities)
  • Sam Ibbott (Head of Smart Cities at EIC)
  • Tauni Lanier (Founder of EcoCapital)

Conscious Conversations: London ‘Taster’ Event

Our friends at Conscious Conversations are holding a ‘taster’ event – allowing people to get an idea of how better conversations can work to actively improve business performance. Further details about Conscious Conversations here.  

What do you actually do in a Conscious Conversations session? How can you help people learn how to have better conversations? What sort of impact can you have on an organisation?

These are just some of the questions we’re asked when we talk to people about our Conscious Conversations work. Maybe they’re questions you’ve asked or would like to ask!

To give some answers we’re holding a taster session on 18th September from 6.30 to 8.30pm and we’d love if you could join us. We’re only inviting a small group of people so that everyone has the opportunity to experience what a real-life Conscious Conversations session is like. We’ll allow plenty of time for questions and, as our offer is ever evolving, we’d also welcome any feedback you have.

The details of the event are:

  • 18th September 2018
  • 6.30pm – drinks and nibbles provided
  • Venue: North London (details via email).

For planning it would be really helpful if you could respond by 24th August.  Just email me: jeff @ (removing the spaces) and I’ll forward your interest on to Ingrid Allen who’s organising the event.

Tribes and Love

There’s a great myth that needs bursting. It’s the one that marketers – and the people they market to – are from different tribes.

Let’s face it, everyone is marketing something. And everyone buys. It’s a bit like cyclists and motorists. Or cooks and diners. The roles aren’t mutually exclusive.

So, let’s burst the myth. Marketers are people too. But, unfortunately, sometimes they forget.

In May 2018, there’s a new piece of UK legislation coming into force that has been – like many other UK laws – mandated by the European Union. The UK Data Protection Bill will, once it’s passed, enact the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. At the heart of the new law is the idea of consent.

Citizens are the new, new thing

So why draw attention to the marketing tribe myth? Well, it’s important to bear in mind that the new legislation only really focuses on citizens. It doesn’t make any distinction between this type of citizen or that. It recognises that people don’t want to be pestered with unwanted communications unless they’ve specifically consented to receive it. It also gives people the right to request information that’s held about them – and for the right to be forgotten.

There’s more to the law than that. But, in a funny way, it asks marketers to think about citizens, not consumers or customers. And marketers, of course, are citizens like everyone else. They would no more like their personal data to be abused or lost than anyone else.

One man’s marketer is another’s customer. All citizens together.

Love: a conference

On January 25th, we’re holding a one-day conference  in conjunction with Proctor & Stevenson that will look at the GDPR and express love. Why?

Because we’re citizens too. As citizens that spend quite a bit of time marketing products to other citizens it makes sense that we don’t want to annoy or pester or endanger the rights of our fellow citizens. We also love elegance – the elegance of communicating with people who want to converse.

This is the opportunity that’s presented to us. We’ll have the opportunity to get much better at what we do. And we’ll waste less and be more effective. What’s not to love?

The content

The one-day conference will be held in the wonderful Colston Hall in Bristol and will feature an array of speakers who see the GDPR as an opportunity to do marketing much better. Our compère for the day will be Jeff Peel, Managing Director of Quadriga Consulting. Jeff has been a vocal campaigner for more citizen-focused approaches to marketing. Jeff argues that many brand owners treat their customers more like serfs than fellow citizens. He’ll argue that the emergence of the digitally-savvy citizen requires a complete re-thinking of roles. The concept of ‘tell-sell’ approaches to marketing is rendered completely redundant following the GDPR.

Our love pledge

At Quadriga Consulting, and at Proctors, we focus primarily on business to business marketing. But we accept that the same mantra applies: our customers would prefer gently and appropriately delivered snuggles than hectoring, inappropriate and unsolicited tell-selling.

This has always been our way, but not all brand owners entirely get it. They’ll have to now. The sanctions will be too severe if they don’t.

But in keeping with the new normal we’re partnering with Quadriga Consulting to develop the idea of Informed Consent Marketing. This, we believe, is the most appropriate means of communicating with people in a post-GDPR world.

To an extent, our January conference is a case in point. We’ve no axes to grind. We’re simply trying to get some dialogue going. But the content and issue-rich approach to communications will increasingly define what we’re about. We think that’s good and we hope you agree.

We’ll be rolling out more information about Informed Consent Marketing and what form it might take for your business. We’ll also discuss the concept briefly at the event on January 25.

Why bother?

There’s no moving the goal-posts on this one. The Data Protection Bill is coming. There are implications for marketing and the failure to do things right will be severe. But the opportunities from getting things right will be just dandy. So, there’s a lovely double whammy reason to attend our event. You’ll get up to speed quickly but you’ll have a great big stimulating and love-filled day too.

The details

Awesome speakers, the agenda, venue details, read all about it here.

Tim Campbell MBE on Blockchain

Tim Campbell MBE

We’re delighted to announce that Tim Campbell MBE, the businessman and former BBC Apprentice winner, will be a guest speaker at our upcoming Blockchain Masterclass in London on October 12.

The event, which will focus on the impact that bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology will have on financial services, is being held at the London offices of Allen & Overy.

Tim will talk about about the social impact of cryptocurrencies and the underpinning blockchain technology.  Other speakers include Simon Toms of Allen & Overy; Seamus Cushley of PwC; and Janina Lowisz of Cashaa.

Attendance is by invitation only but you can pre-register your interest here.

New Blockchain Masterclass Announced

Quadriga Consulting is organising a new day-long masterclass focusing on the use and applicability of blockchain technology in financial services.

Featuring a number of heavyweight blockchain specialists, including Seamus Cushley, Director, EMEA Blockchain, FinTech at PwC; and Laurence Kirk, Founder of, the event focuses on how blockchain addresses the issue of trust in financial services.  We’ll have several speakers present use cases for blockchain in financial services markets – developed by incumbents and new kids on the block.

The event will be held on October 12, 2017 at the new Dorsett City Hotel in Aldgate. Early bird tickets are available until September 22nd.  Book now.  

GDPR Seminar, Equiniti

Quadriga Consulting client, Equiniti, is holding a seminar called, ‘Protecting Your Integrity and Getting Value from GDPR’ on 2 June 2017 at The Titanic, Belfast, Northern Ireland from 09.30am – 2.00pm.

BBC journalist Karen Patterson will be hosting the day with speakers from the Information Commissioners Office, Northern Ireland; Bill McCluggage, Digital Leader and CIO/CTO; David Kemp, GDPR Lawyer, HPE; and Adam Green, Chief Risk Officer, Equiniti.

Jeffrey Peel from Quadriga Consulting, who has authored a report for Equiniti on the implications of the GDPR, will be taking part in a panel discussion at the event.

Why Attend?

  • Learn about GDPR and how it will impact your organisation
  • Learn practical steps on your journey to GDPR Compliance
  • Accelerate your progress with the right team
  • Maximise future value from your GDPR programme
  • What happens if I don’t comply and what are the implications?
  • Question experts about their experience of GDPR

About GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a long time in the making. It’s also not without its critics. But, after thousands of amendments, and years of discussion relating to its scope, the regulation was adopted on 27th April 2016 and will come into force across on 25th May, 2018.  The UK, it has been confirmed by the government, will also adopt the GDPR, prior to leaving the EU.

The GDPR is an EU regulation applying to all member countries that will ‘strengthen and unify’ data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). There are significant implications for business being GDPR-compliant.

If you would like to attend this event, or for more information, please contact Ashleigh McClean via email: Or call +44 (0)28 9073 5709.

Chatham House rules apply.

Achieving Digital Transformation of Local Government

At our workshop in London a few weeks ago we asked Abigail Gilbert of think-tank NLGN and Stephen Morgan of Squiz to discuss how digital initiatives might work to enhance public service provision.

Abigail and Stephen chatted about how authorities are engaging, increasingly with platforms and smart city infrastructure to improve things – with a strong focus on procurement issues, as well as citizen-driven attitudes.

Citizen Generated Mapping

London, 11th April, 2017An online survey of UK local authorities is being undertaken by UK based research firm Quadriga Consulting. The survey is attempting to paint a more detailed picture of the types of citizen reported location data being utilized by local authorities.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that local authorities across the UK are mapping more and more information to improve service provision. Geolocation data, when overlaid on digital maps, creates the opportunity to provide greater visualisation of information that could be useful for council operational staff and citizens.

With the roll-out of non-emergency reporting tools on mobile devices, local authorities can make citizens their most important fact-finders – reporting anti-social behaviour, dog-fouling, fly-tipping and pot-holes – from right across the council area.

According to Jeff Peel, of Quadriga Consulting, “We have prepared a simple-to-complete on-line questionnaire that can be completed by UK local authority staff. It only takes a few minutes. If enough councils complete the questionnaire, we’ll be able to build a picture of the types of initiatives being taken by councils to have citizens report location data. We know also that some councils are using their own staff to gather information across towns, cities and counties. We’d like to get a better idea of just how many are doing this and the nature of the information that’s being gathered. We also want to know about which mapping software is being used.”

He continued, “We’ll send a copy of our summary report to everyone who completes the survey. It may not be a definitive survey, but at least it will give us a better idea of who’s doing what, and what plans are in place.”

Council officials wishing to complete the questionnaire can do so online.

What Now for Ireland in the Era of Brexit and Trump?

Dublin-based Hibernia Forum is running a major conference on February 23 entitled, What Now For Ireland in the Era of Trump and Brexit?’. It will be held from 9am-3pm in the offices of Connect Ireland, on 14 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Quadriga Consulting’s CEO, Jeff Peel, will be a guest speaker at the event.

Speakers will include Olivia Buckley, Director of Communications with the Irish Tax Institute; Lucinda Creighton, former Irish Minister for European Affairs; Christopher Butler, Chief of Staff at the Americans for Tax Reform; Cormac Lucey, former Irish Government adviser and political commentator.

After an economic crash and a period of correction and austerity, with much sacrifice made, Ireland has made a remarkable recovery and is now poised again for strong commercial growth.

However, the country suddenly faces major challenges on the international horizon in the shape of the British ‘Brexit’ referendum vote to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as US President, promising a renewal of protectionism and a vigorous return of American overseas investment back to the US. Along with a EU increasingly keen on tax harmonisation, these are significant challenges for a recently recovered economy.

What are the implications for Ireland as a small open economy, overwhelmingly dependent on both US inward investment and on overseas trade with the neighbouring UK? Will the new US administration curb the tax breaks that encourage American companies to locate abroad?

Will Brexit mean the return of a hard border between North and South Ireland with all the implications this has for trade, travel and investment? What will happen to the Common Travel Area between the UK and Ireland, and could a ‘hard Brexit’ mean that Ireland ‘thinks the unthinkable’ and reconsiders its long term future in an unstable EU.

In short, what are the decisions investors and planners should make, and could the prospect of Trump’s election and Brexit actually offer as much opportunity as it does disadvantages? The Hibernia Forum has assembled a conference to examine all these possibilities and questions. Experts from the US, UK and Ireland will discuss the implications of these momentous political events and how they should be judged and faced in 2017.

Further information about the event (and latest speaker information) is available here.  Your can register here.