Quadriga Consulting Leads on Nurokor Series A

Nurokor has been a trailblazer in the development of bioelectronic solutions to improve patient outcomes – in a variety of clinical and therapeutic settings.

The company has created new products and procedures to help with chronic pain management, period pain and diabetes-related conditions. It has also expanded into the veterinary space with new non-invasive pain and lameness solutions in equine health.

The company’s funding to date – and revenue – has helped it forge relationships with partners, clinicians, and go-to-market resellers. However, in order to build on the success of the company’s MVP it is seeking additional investment outside its angel network of investors-to-date.

In this short interview I ask Rick Rowan, CEO of Nurokor, about the company’s successes to date and its ambitions for the future. Rick talks about the various market opportunities for the product suite and solutions. He also talks about the merits of non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical solutions – designed to allow the body to heal itself.

We can, of course, arrange for potential investors to meet with Rick and other team members – and to see the full investor deck. In the first instance please email me and I’ll set the wheels in motion – jeff@quadco.co.uk. Or complete this form

OpRE Interviews Live on Hotel Analyst TV

Last year we partnered with Andrew Sangster of Hotel Analyst to create Hotel Analyst TV. This year OpRE (the Operational Real Estate event) was back as an in-person event after lockdown – that had such a devastating effect on the hospitality sector.

We conducted over a dozen interviews with delegates and panel moderators and keynote speakers at Opre. You can watch them all on Hotel Analyst TV (on the HATV YouTube channel).

Here’s a taster – Jeff Peel’s interview with Melanie Leech, CEO of the BPF (British Property Federation: https://bpf.org.uk/).

Melanie outlines how operational real estate is emerging as a sector, as well as the UK’s role as a trailblazer in defining it.

Jeffrey Peel’s Diary

I have started a new substack (substack is a publishing platform that is committed to free speech and doesn’t censor). On my substack I’ll keep subscribers updated via email about assignments, developments around digital content, and collaboration opportunities. I won’t post more than a couple of times a month but if you’d like to stay updated please do subscribe and you’ll then get an email every time I post.

OpRE London

The Operational Real Estate Festival is a one-day event hosted in London put together by Hotel Analyst, the leading news analysis service for hospitality real estate investors, and the Bartlett Real Estate Institute, part of University College London’s Faculty of the Built Environment. The event offers a unique blend of leading-edge commercial insight with academic excellence.

The event is taking place on September 20, 2022.

I’ll be conducting a series of video interviews with delegates during the event that will be featured on Hotel Analyst TV. HATV is a co-production between Quadriga Consulting and Hotel Analyst.

Introducing Currency Conversations

Quadriga Consulting is working with Millennium Global, the currency management specialists, on a series of ‘currency conversations’. The first of these will focus on Currency Alpha and will be livestreamed on May 6 at 4pm UK time.

Each conversation will feature Jeffrey Peel interviewing Mark Astley, Co-CEO of Millennium Global, and will last last under 15 minutes each. So it’s an ideal way for institutional investors to get a rapid briefing on the three focus topics: Currency Alpha, The Danger of Doing Nothing and To Hedge or Not to Hedge.

To register for the first conversation livestream visit the Linkedin event page.

Here’s the live stream player (we’ll be LIVE from 4pm on Thursday 6th May).


Our second TECH | The New Era event will be live on March 4, 2021.

Featuring speakers from HSBC, Gowling WLG, Tech Nation – as well as Vikas Shah MBE (who’ll be discussing his new book, Thought Economics) – the event will be livestreamed from 12:30pm.

Register here.

Cambridge University Engineering Society Venture Competition

By Jeff Peel – I’m very honoured to have been asked to be a judge and speaker at the upcoming Cambridge University Venture Competion, organised by CUES – the University’s Engineering Society. Venture teams have been beavering away over several weeks and will present their ideas on October 13 in Cambridge.

Other speakers include:

  • Alex Kendall (CTO at Wayve)
  • John Hasar (Smart Energy Innovation Manager at BEIS)
  • Oliver Armitage (Founder & CSO at Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems)
  • Julie Alexander (Director, Urban Development & Smart Cities at Siemens)
  • Noemi de Hevia Mendez (Telecom Lead at DGCities)
  • Sam Ibbott (Head of Smart Cities at EIC)
  • Tauni Lanier (Founder of EcoCapital)

Conscious Conversations: London ‘Taster’ Event

Our friends at Conscious Conversations are holding a ‘taster’ event – allowing people to get an idea of how better conversations can work to actively improve business performance. Further details about Conscious Conversations here.  

What do you actually do in a Conscious Conversations session? How can you help people learn how to have better conversations? What sort of impact can you have on an organisation?

These are just some of the questions we’re asked when we talk to people about our Conscious Conversations work. Maybe they’re questions you’ve asked or would like to ask!

To give some answers we’re holding a taster session on 18th September from 6.30 to 8.30pm and we’d love if you could join us. We’re only inviting a small group of people so that everyone has the opportunity to experience what a real-life Conscious Conversations session is like. We’ll allow plenty of time for questions and, as our offer is ever evolving, we’d also welcome any feedback you have.

The details of the event are:

  • 18th September 2018
  • 6.30pm – drinks and nibbles provided
  • Venue: North London (details via email).

For planning it would be really helpful if you could respond by 24th August.  Just email me: jeff @ quadco.co.uk (removing the spaces) and I’ll forward your interest on to Ingrid Allen who’s organising the event.