Biometric Research: London and New York Demos (Client News)

We have been commissioned to undertake a program of research for a company that has developed a new tool that measures emotional engagement in video – based on two types of respondent engagement metric.

The tool can be used to test video based advertising treatments, story-boards, ‘viral’ videos and digital content that is delivered via video. It uses advanced biometric techniques including galvanic skin response.

We’re hoping to undertake a series of meetings (with our client) during late February and early March with researchers and/or agency technology specialists – with people that undertake advertising creative testing in a controlled environment. We were hoping to demo the tool and collect feedback on its potential relevance – and to obtain reactions to the proposed pricing.

We’re hoping to meet with researchers and creative agencies in London 19th to 21st February and in New York from March 3rd to 5th. Would this be of interest to you? Would it be relevant to your specific role? Would you have a spare 1 hour slot where we might demo the solution and get your feedback? If not, would you have any colleagues or connections in the agency world for whom it might be relevant?

This is a fascinating new technology – please let us know if you’d like to be involved.

You can call Jeff Peel on +44 2892 668389 or email him on if you’d like to meet up with us in London or New York.

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