Business of Evidence Event, Belfast, December 7

The findings of a study, The Business of Evidence, commissioned by the UK Market Research Society (MRS), will be presented at an upcoming event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on December 7 .  This report reveals that since 2012 the UK’s research market has grown by over 60%.

This insight into the ‘business of evidence’ market reveals the new direction of the market research sector and prompts many questions with regard to where the future of the market lies.

Join the Market Research Society NI for a presentation by Julie McClean, Senior Manager, Research to Insight (r2i) for PwC on the findings of The Business of Evidence. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Albert Hamilton of CARD Group and Chairperson of the Market Research Society NI. Jeffrey Peel of Quadriga Consulting will be joining the panel as well as Fiona Rooney of Ipsos MORI and client-side research representatives from the commercial and education sectors.

Hosted by PwC, this event is open to MRS members, staff of MRS Company Partners and anyone within the research and marketing communities interested in enhancing the reputation of research, developing opportunities for professional networking and best practice exchange in Northern Ireland.

Date:      Wednesday 7th December 2016

Time:      12.30 – 2.30pm

Venue:   Google Hive, PwC, Ground Floor, Waterfront Plaza, 8 Laganbank Road, Belfast BT1 3LR

Lunch:    Included

CPD:       1 hour

Booking: As spaces are limited please book early by email:

Public Policy Research and Comms

Do you ever get the feeling that public policy decisions are often reached as a result of the latest fad or latest media fixation? Sometimes policy decisions are simply responses to simple ‘causality’. For example, sugar results in obesity. Or smoking should be taxed into oblivion. But sometimes such policy choices can make situations even worse. Rent controls, to curb rent inflation, can reduce the stock of available houses to rent. Excessive taxation can feed the ‘grey market’.

The fact is that societies are complex. They involve many interlocking relationships – if one relationship is artificially altered it can affect all the others, often in bizarre ways.

Policy choice can also have a serious and detrimental effect on business.

We help influence public and business opinion by researching and writing about the effects certain policy decisions might have. We organise debates and round tables, conduct interviews, produce video content, write white papers and social media content – all designed to inform people, businesses and politicians.

This little video hints at the type of work we undertake.

If you’d like to know more about the types of public policy work we undertake, please contact us.

The Talk Show

Many of our clients need to reach decision-makers scattered across countries or time zones. Reaching international audiences, and involving them in conversations, has traditionally been very difficult. Content that is seen to be produced for local audiences often doesn’t work well in other markets.

We have come up with a concept that is being used by clients to extend their content marketing reach into international markets – and also allows us to involve those markets in content creation.

Chat Show Concept – Click to Enlarge

A Familiar Concept for the Connected Generation

Most people are familiar with the idea of the talk show. The format has become a mainstay for broadcasters across the globe. A studio ‘anchor’ chairs a discussion or debate around one or several topics.

We have taken this format and ‘tweaked’ it slightly.

Our talk show format allows us to create compelling broadcast content that is both live-streamed and streamed on-demand across the globe. Talk shows allow us to involve expert witnesses, wherever they are located, and incorporate their opinions and perspectives, via Skype Video or Google Video Hangouts.

Showcasing your people, products , services & customer stories to a truly global audience.

How it Works

Here’s what we do. We create a sponsor-branded ‘pop-up’ studio. We have a studio anchor to lead the chat with studio guests and guests connected via video conference. Our in-studio Director can cut between in-studio cameras, Skype video feeds from remote guests, and audio feeds from remote guests. We can also cut-in pre-recorded segments and/or advertisements into both live streamed talk shows and on-demand programs.

Shows can be recorded quarterly – we can film two or three shows in one filming day.  That way,  your pre-recorded talk show can be played out at set dates and times – the result,  exclusive all year round content for your lead generation and content marketing calendar.  (Four filming days per year equals eight to twelve talk shows – one per month).

Studio Guests or Big Debates

We can have one or two people in the studio and a few remote guests or we can have hundreds of studio guests and stream live, or on-demand, across the globe.

The resulting shows are the ultimate in ‘thought leader’ content. Rather than publishing a ‘white paper’, our streamed video based content reaches audiences across the globe. We combine our expertise in developing deep, insightful content with the latest video, streaming, social media and content marketing technology.

The format can be tweaked slightly to suit the client need. For example, we can also have an in-studio audience. Or we can incorporate talk shows into traditional events or conferences. We can also record talk shows and then stream them on a pre-determined date or dates.  An editorial calendar can be published well in advance.

Marketing and Pre-Marketing

The talk show concept is also the perfect complement to social media engagement. Shows can be pre-marketed. Think of Netflix marketing of House of Cards. Well in advance of the launch date the marketing teams will be promoting the stars of the show. A House of Cards twitter account will be releasing teaser content. A count-down clock to launch date will be featured on the show Facebook page.

We do the same things. We’ll be actively promoting guest involvement in the upcoming show. We’ll be publishing blog posts. We’ll be pushing the talk show live date via the dedicated show website and also our sponsor client websites and via social media.

Designed for Engagement

Talk shows can either be streamed publicly or behind a registration portal.  If the objective is to have a wide reach – building brand awareness – we recommend a totally open and free stream. However, if there is a need to build leads or suspects, then the registration-wall approach is the way to go. We can build all of the registration functionality required.

Case Studies

Brexit Debate
The Talk Show approach works. Our recent UK Brexit Business Debate had some 150 people in the studio but, to date, has had a live/on-demand audience of close to 3,000 from across the globe. Our event hashtag trended across the UK on Twitter. The debate was sponsored by technology firm Equiniti.

Our Citizen 2012 and Citizen 2013 events, held in London, streamed across the globe and drew together experts in digital government, citizen engagement and citizen participation. The events gave birth to an important portal on citizen engagement called – and we hope to run a series of talk shows in the coming months.

Government 2010
Our Government 2010 event had a concurrent live stream audience in the thousands and we forged media partnerships in the UK and USA. The event featured experts in digital government, in the UK, Europe and USA. The event and talk shows it contained were sponsored by IBM.

For further information about Talk Show and our other live streamed event concepts please contact us for a chat. Email now.

SME Growth Club

Quadriga Consulting has launched SME GrowthClub – a membership club for small and medium sized businesses with ambitions to grow and scale.

Not all businesses have such ambitions or potential. But some have.

Businesses that want to grow have very different needs to those that don’t. On the one hand they need more working capital. They may have more demanding information needs – to ensure investors are fully briefed on business performance. They may need much more professional services support.

The purpose of GrowthClub is to create a community of business people who can share from each other at regular events, who can provide their perspectives via this site, and who will appreciate getting timely information about topics and issues that interest them.

Growing a business is a major challenge. Our focus will be on giving growth focused businesses a platform and an information portal. Over time we’ll consult with our members about the challenges they’re facing.

We hope to run regional events across the UK and Ireland over the coming months.

So, if you’re into growth and you love business, please consider joining us. We promise we won’t bombard you. If you feel we’re communicating with you too much it’s easy to unsubscribe. And we have a simple privacy policy that’s easy to understand.

Citizen Participation and Tech

This article was first published on

One of the most prolific writers and researchers on the subject of technology and citizen participation is Tiago Peixoto at the World Bank.

Tiago focuses on democratic participation and the effect that technology can have on better participation in elections or consultation exercises. But he also makes the point very effectively – especially in this presentation – that once citizens are encouraged to participate (in any way) they tend to keep doing it. And if the technologists can point at good outcomes then civil servants will be more likely to keep investing.

For example, he uses the example of Fix My Street to show how citizens who use the service (created by MySociety, not a government department) and get a result (such as a fixed hole in a road) tend to have a greater likelihood of participating in other ways.

Similarly, anecdotal evidence suggests that the very high turnout in the recent Scottish referendum was fuelled in no small part by a vast amount of social media chatter – especially within younger age-groups.  Similarly, the turnout in the recent UK general election – tipped to be knife-edge in terms of outcome – resulted in much greater social media dialog and an increase in turnout compared to the last general election in 2010.

Therefore one type of participation can fuel another. And democracy doesn’t start and stop with elections – rather elections are just one part of the citizen to government participation continuum.

Tiago suggests that part of the reason for poor participation and engagement with technology based solutions can be explained by a focus on technology itself rather than clearly articulated outcomes. Often technology based participation efforts have no obvious goals, are badly designed and do nothing to ‘deepen democracy’.

However, there are lots of very clear outcomes that can be aspired to. For example, he points to reductions in tax evasion or reduced infant mortality rates as the types of outcome that civil servants can set themselves.

In short, some citizen participation projects are clearly better than others. The good ones clearly do good things for the citizens that use them. The effect of these good things is more engagement and deepened democracy.

Citizen 2015 is a great example of how we build rich, research-led assets for client companies that result in engaged communities focused on subjects of common interest. This article is one of dozens more that we write for an international client base.  

Researched Editorial

Opinion is all very well, but opinion that ignores the facts and the evidence doesn’t have much weight. It tends to be ignored.

At Quadriga Consulting we’re researchers first and foremost. We build content by assembling the information that supports an argument.

Then we present that argument in an effective way.

We use clear English. We have no axes to grind. We don’t let clutter get in the way.

We help build arguments (and content) for clients. We deliver this information via dedicated websites and social media – building influence through networking, interview programs, and media partnerships.

Contact us if you need our support building effective arguments and editorial based on evidence.

Quadriga Consulting and Forbes Insights Partner in Europe

Forbes Insights, the strategic research division of Forbes Media, and UK-based Quadriga Consulting are joining forces to build the Forbes Insights presence in Europe.

“The Forbes brand is one that represents editorial excellence as well as critical insight into the thinking of senior board-level executives”

Forbes Insights conducts primary research designed to support both strategic and tactical decisions for business executives. Quadriga Consulting has been conducting evidence-based research for European-based companies with global ambitions for the last 12 years. Together, they intend to extend the Forbes Insights thought leadership offer in Europe.

“The Forbes brand is one that represents editorial excellence as well as critical insight into the thinking of senior board-level executives,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer at Forbes. “Forbes Insights helps senior business decision-makers to better understand the dynamics of the C-Suites in some of the world’s leading companies. We conduct research within this community and align it with deep sectoral analysis – and help publicise the research findings through the Forbes network. By working with companies like Quadriga Consulting, we can extend our reach into new geographical and vertical markets.”

Jeffrey Peel, Managing Director of Quadriga Consulting, agrees that the Forbes brand resonates across global markets:

“We have had a working relationship with Forbes for some time. But only recently did we realize that there was such a close fit between the work Forbes Insights was undertaking and the evidence- based consulting work we were doing here in Europe. Our focus has been on European companies with a need to forge into international markets. By partnering with Forbes Insights, we can align our understanding of fast-growth companies and markets with the Forbes brand. Our role is to ensure that we define thought leadership research that exactly meets the needs of a European client base – leveraging the Forbes Insights brand, researchers, and editorial team. We provide on-the-ground support for client projects that deliver global visibility.”

About Forbes Insights

Forbes Insights is the strategic research and Thought Leadership practice of Forbes Media, publisher of Forbes magazine and, whose combined media properties reach nearly 50 million business decision makers worldwide on a monthly basis. Taking advantage of a proprietary database of senior-level executives in the Forbes community, Forbes Insights conducts research on a host of topics of interest to C-level executives, senior marketing professionals, small business owners and those who aspire to positions of leadership, as well as providing deep insights into issues and trends surrounding wealth creation and wealth management.