May to trigger Article 50 by March 2017

The UK will trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which enables member states to leave the European Union, before March 2017, according to the prime minister.  The British government will then have a further 2 years to finalise the terms of ‘Brexit’, including potentially brokering a trade deal with Brussels.  

Theresa May made the announcement at the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Birmingham, where Quadriga Consulting is taking part in important public policy conversations, including ThinkTent 2016, and engaging with government policy-makers.

Alongside formal negotiations to leave the EU, the government will introduce a ‘Great Repeal Bill’, removing the 1972 European Communities Act from the statute book.  This bill will enshrine all existing EU law in British law, allowing parliament to amend or remove any legislation with which it disagrees.

Mrs. May made it clear that the European Court of Justice will not have any jurisdiction in the UK, under her government’s plans.  While Britain can choose to keep some of the safeguards to rights or the environment that EU law introduced, our legislators will be free to debate and repeal controversial forms of regulation.

From the outset of the Brexit debate, Quadriga Consulting has driven informed conversation about the referendum.  We conducted a major survey of over 200 British companies in the aftermath of the poll, creating an overview of the attitudes of businesses to the effects of the referendum results, across a range of important sectors.

We’ll continue to facilitate constructive discussions about Brexit and its likely consequences with businesses, interest groups and decision-makers.  We’ll ensure our clients stay informed, in order to navigate the Brexit and the post-Brexit landscapes successfully.

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