We apply research.

There are many research and analyst firms that just analyse – but don’t really invest any ‘skin in the game’ by taking their ideas to market. We research and put ourselves ‘out there’ to be challenged. We also use research to help plan new market entry or challenge existing market positioning.

We undertake research on behalf of syndicates of clients as well as individual clients. We also organise events to showcase our research and to augment our understanding. We publish white papers, and often create new web portals dedicated to an issue or research topic.  We share and socialise content, encouraging debate, and helping associate our clients with the latest market-driving issues. We also make extensive use of video to promulgate research findings and content to a wide and connected audience.

The video below was recorded at an event we organised in 2012 – focused on market opportunities for mobile cloud technologies. The event took place in London’s Tech City – Shoreditch.

Recent projects have focused on topics as diverse as digital government (for a leading Silicon Valley CRM software company); cyber-security (for a software security consulting firm); biometric research of video content (for a market research tool software start-up) ; cross-platform application development (for a consortium of 7 clients); real-time communications (for a software solutions company); digital megatrends (for a global economics consultancy); cross-platform billing (for a B2B2C software firm).

The clients we work with appreciate that their customers and channels want genuine, independent research and thought leadership.

Our clients become associated with programs that push the envelope, create conversations and networks. Our clients are in the middle of the process: listening, understanding and building relationships.