TECH | The New Era

What innovations will drive tech after Covid-shock? Is there now an inexorable move towards home working? Is the office (and co-working) a thing of the past?  What tech will emerge in response to the new world order and how will it be funded?  What role will London and the UK play in redefining tech and delivering on the innovation that’s needed? How will we work better with our international trading partners when all the old certainties have been turned upside down? 

On September 8, 2020 – during London Tech Week – we will be running a day-long conference involving technology thought leaders, start-ups, scale-ups, commentators, analysts, writers, economists, investors, and policymakers. Our objective will be to provide a forum for some of the best, unhindered thinking on how we should respond and what technology solutions we should be building and funding right now. We will also hear from those who see real opportunities for a V-shaped recovery rather than one that looks more like an L. 

We plan to run the event from early morning to early evening allowing participation from across time-zones. We hope (subject to social distancing rules in place at the time) to anchor and live stream the event from London with a rolling studio audience and studio guests throughout the day.

We also plan to have several “streams” covering, for example, the nature of work, the shock of the new, the distributed company and innovation redefined.  In our keynote line-up we’ll also ask how nation states might respond and how policy making can be done when nothing is certain anymore. 

We’re calling for interest right now. To register your interest in speaking or attending (live or virtually) please complete this short form. If you’d like to sponsor the event, please indicate in the comments box on the form.

Many thanks for your interest.